Thursday, 10 March 2011

I Think There for I Am.... what exactly?

So today I was sitting at my desk pondering the meaning of life when I astounded myself with a brilliant, possibly quite tedious idea. Why not go on the internet, and ask people their opinions on random crap?

Almost everyday i spend time thinking abstract ideas and concepts, so for once, i thought, why not share? Now before you say to yourself "Oh great, another guy whose going to shove his opinions down our throats" just take a sec to hear me out. I may not be the most brilliant guy, and certainly not the most clever, but I'm not going to state opinions in this blog. No. Instead I'll opt for a more open approach - Ideas. simply concepts and new ways of looking at things that anyone can relate to, comment on, or give their own opinion on. a sort of philisophical melting pot full of abstract ideas... Or maybe just a fool ranting to himself about pointless crap for the amusement of others.

So perhaps I'll give this a shot. In the end I might just be preaching to a bunch of thirteen year old girls who believe Justin Bieber is at the center of the universe, but to hell with it, I don't have anything to lose.

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