Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Editing In Progress

So currently I'm Just attempting to edit my page and make it look semi attractive before I start getting down to blogging on a regular basis.

The new banner I just created was based around an argument I had with some baptist Christians a while back. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not the type to go around arguing  with random baptists about religion, but I was asked to defend the non-christian side in a sort of explanation debate.
Now things were progressing smoothly until I asked them if Gandhi, a man who was known for his non-violence, heroism in the face of tyrany, and general good deeds, would be sent to hell because he was not christian.
 The answer I received from all four baptists was a "yes"...

This came as a shock to me, that they whole heartedly beleived that such an amazing person would suffer eternaly for simply not "accepting Jesus" despite his life dedicated almost fully to others. Now I'm not saying this is how all baptists think, but this incident definitely left me feeling sad for those particular four people.

Anyways, thats how my banner came to be. The essence of an idea or opinion not everyone would agree with. Jesus flipping off Gandhi

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